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This month I am...
  • Updating all social media - big changes are afoot!
  • Updating my CV...
  • Working on some article submissions

Claire Lyons started Let Yourself Grow to pull together her skills and interests under one banner. Having written a number of articles for a variety of magazines during previous jobs, her work then moved towards a training and teaching focus.
As a military wife for many years Claire took the opportunity from moving every 18 months to take classes and qualifications as a way to meet new people and explore new things. Her most recent accomplishment was a Diploma in Psychotherapeutics from University of Derby. Claire received her BA in War Studies from Kings College London, an MA in History from The Open University.
So, Claire offers a variety of talks as an experienced speaker to small or large groups. A selection of current talks can be seen on the website, however, she enjoys creating new ones, so if you have something you need, do contact her...
A qualified Life Coach, Claire is currently focusing on her other interests, and not taking on any new clients. An excellent source of information can be found on http://www.uklifecoaching.org/

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